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Mills and Boon / Harlequin Author Penny Jordan Passes Away of Cancer

Author Penny Jordan, passed away from cancer December 31, 2011.  She was loved by her fans, fellow authors and those she mentored.  I was shocked to see and read about her passing.  She is with the angels now and my heart goes out to her family, friends, fans, editors, and Mills and Boon and Harlequin.  May Penny rest in peace!

Penny Jordan 's Biography

Penny Jordan was a storyteller long before she began to write romantic fiction. At the age of eight, she was creating serialized bedtime stories, featuring make-believe adventures, for her younger sister who was always the heroine.
After reading a serialized Mills & Boon book in a women’s magazine, she fell in love with the hero. Penny was eleven and she quickly became an avid fan.

Her goal, when writing romance fiction, was to provide readers with an enjoyment and involvement similar to that she experienced from her early reading. She liked nothing more than to hear her fans share her love: romance.

She worked from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by four dogs and two cats, and welcomed interruptions from her friends and family.

Penny believed in the importance of love, including the benefits and happiness it brought. It’s the special bonds linking Harlequin readers and writers that she personally treasured! Mills and Boon
Tributes to Penny Jordan

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