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Meet Elle Amberley / Giveaway (North America residents only)


Although she is a British author, Elle Amberley likes to dabble in French too and hopes to resume work on her French novel when time allows.

She’s a bohemian at heart, the result of having lived in several countries as a child.

She also enjoys writing articles on women’s issues and whatever she feels passionate about, as well as poetry and short stories.

Lost in your time is scheduled for publication in February 2012.

Elle’s books are available on paperback and kindle.

Book Description:

Nowhere Left to Hide by Elle Amberley

“A heartfelt tale, told with a deft touch” novelist Rowan Coleman.

Natasha has fled her home many times. Tired of running scared, she doesn’t hesitate when she’s offered the chance to study in California. Thousands of miles to free herself from her past. In Santa Barbara she finds love and friendship away from the ghosts of her childhood. But what will she do when her visa expires and her boyfriend asks her to marry him?

‘Lyrical from start to finish, Elle Amberley embraces the essence of women and friendship in Nowhere Left to Hide. ' Ana Lewis, Founder, WomenontheVerge.net

Q: What can you tell readers about Elle : the lady, the wife, the mother, and the author?

I have lived all over the place which makes it difficult for the bohemian side of me to settle. The wife is very much in love and the mother is uber proud of her little ones. She coos all the time. My children rock my world. If it wasn’t for them I would have turned my back on life a few years ago when tragedy struck.

Q: There is a lot more to your career than just your upcoming title, Nowhere Left to Hide due on bookstores in November . What can you tell us about your writing? How long have you been writing?

I love writing, I can’t stop myself. I also find it a great healer, it has helped me come to terms with little and not so little dramas. It helps clear my head and put things into perspective.

Q: What is a day like in your life? Do you have a strict writing schedule?

No, far from it. I homeschool my children so time is precious, we also travel a lot. Still quite a bohemian at heart. It can vary dramatically. When I write my first drafts though I will literally write all day and all night, sometimes.

Q: What do you find the hardest thing about writing? The easiest?

The easiest part is the first draft, my fingers can’t keep up with my brain and my characters rule my life.

The hardest is either the final edits when I just want it out of the way because I want to concentrate on another story, but worst is the marketing. I’m not good at that, but I love hearing from and meeting readers

Q: Where do you get your ideas, inspirations from?

Life...The smallest detail or observation can take on monumental proportions. Sometimes it can be a knee-jerk reaction to some news I’ve heard on the radio, TV...That was the motivation for “Occupy Me, A French Affair”.

Q: Do you usually outline your stories before you write them, or do you "go with the flow"?

I’d say I go with the flow but I guess the story is already etched in a corner of my brain. It’s all there, more or less, before I start writing. That said, the story does evolve as I write.

Q: Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, have you found your own ‘cure’ for it?

I recently wrote a post about this. No, honestly I’ve never suffered from that. I’ve dreaded happening to me but I have the opposite problem, too many stories, ideas. It never stops flowing.

I guess my secret is I work on different projects all the time so it’s always kind of fresh to me. As an idea pops up, I’ll make a few notes, file them so I’ve always something on the go. It works for me.

Q: What is your biggest passion in life?

My children. All my Dear Ones, music and words, be it reading or writing.

Q: What are you reading now? Do you have any favorite authors?

No, my tastes change all the time and are quite eclectic. I couldn’t just read the same author.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? If you weren't an author, what would you want to be?

I wanted to write in some form or another. I wanted to be a journalist at some point. I suppose I did do that for a while but I much prefer writing fiction.

Q: Do you need any props to write? Do you listen to mood music or light scented candles?

Not really, no fetishes. I do like listening to music though, it makes my husband laugh. I probably look completely mad as I lose myself int the music but I’m still tapping away.

I often write in the middle of complete chaos, surrounded by my lovely, noisy and very demanding children. I’m good at adapting.

Q: What makes a hero attractive to you? What hero is your favorite that you have written to date?

Ah, that would be Matthieu. He’s the French rock star in Lost in your time, to be published in February next year. He’s very French, need I say more...

Seriously he’s been modelled on somebody very close to me. He’s thoughtful, very sexy and he has the knack into forcing my main character to see things for what they are. Leading her gently but with a firm hand. Ooh, that could lead to some other interpretation.

Q: What do you hope readers to take with them after reading one of your books?

I hope they will be transported, forget their problems for a moment. Some people call my novels inspirational, that’s a great compliment.

Q: Do you think there is anything about you that readers would be shocked to discover?

I don’t know about shocked, but perhaps surprised. As my publisher says, ‘the lady is full of surprises’

More fun to discover them one at a time.

Q: Are there any goals that you set for yourself when you began writing that you still have yet to obtain?

Not really, I just get on with it. Only goals are deadlines with both my publishers.

Q: What are some of your hopes/dreams for the future, with respect to your writing?

Carry on writing. I have a French novel, yes, I also write in French. I’m eager to finish that, it occupies too much of my mind, I need to get it out.

Q: Will you have more stories released in 2011?

More short stories yes. One is to be released this week.

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Elle Amberley said...

Thank you so much for having me :)
So lovely to have met you through Facebook, love your site :)
Elle Xx

Na said...

I think writing or reading can be therapeutic and can help people deal, if not escape daily dramas. I love getting lost in a story. Your book sounds like a great read on love and friendship.


Chrisbails said...

What a great interivew. I love to read and can read in any kind of noise, quiet, or anything. I love to read and listen to the radio or listen/watch GAC-country music channel. I can read with the kids running around. I can read and curl my hair, fold laundry, and wash dishes. I have a nook and sit by sink and read while I do them. The nook works well because I have cookbooks and the case is a magnet a just stick to stove and does not fall. I would love to win and read your book. You are a new author for me and always looking for new books and authors to check out. Thanks for the chance to win.

Custom Logo Design said...

That’s amazing. I am seriously impressed and happy for you. I imagine that had to have been so rewarding for you after the long wait.

Color Laser toner cartridges said...

I saw your facebook fanpage and you website. Its so cool. :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Christine Bails, you're the winner.


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