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Meet New York Times Best Selling Author Katherine Stone (North America Giveaway)

New York Times bestselling Seattle-born author Katherine Stone set about plotting her life’s journey at a very young age. At age five, she knew she hoped to become a doctor. Then, after writing her first short story at age 11, she realized that she would love to be a writer, too.

In pursuit of that youthful dream, Katherine attended Stanford University, where she completed her premed requirements while majoring in English. She received her M.D. from the University of Washington. Following her internal medicine residency in San Francisco, she accepted a fellowship in infectious diseases in Los Angeles.

What remains one of the world’s largest outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease coincided with her fellowship, which gave her the opportunity to write and lecture on this mysterious new disease. But it was not all work and no play. There was also romance in L.A. It was there (during a spinal tap!) that she met her future husband, physician, and novelist Jack Chase.

While she had accomplished the first half of her young-life goals, Katherine never really got around to the second part—being a writer—until Jack bought her a word processor and urged her to “Just do it.” The result? Bestselling books in the distinctive Katherine Stone style: a marriage of lyrical prose, evocative emotion and, above all, romance.

“There’s nothing wrong with incurable romanticism,” the physician asserts. “I love writing about nice people, who are giving life their best shot despite the sometimes monumental obstacles I place in their paths and who discover, despite those obstacles, the splendor and power of love.”

Although Katherine has hung up her stethoscope for the moment and is writing full-time at her home near Seattle, her medical background is often evident in her books. “I very much enjoy sharing my passion for medicine—its drama, its emotion and yes, its science—with my readers.”

The author of 21 novels, including Twins, Bel Air, Love Songs, Roommates, and Pearl Moon, Katherine’s books have been translated into 20 languages and sold worldwide.

Book Description:

Love Songs is available for the first time in ebook and trade paperback formats. This new edition preserves the story, emotion, and romance of the original bestseller while enhancing it with expanded character development and writing.

Southampton. A place of casual elegance and simple perfection. Where whispers of scandal are as relentless as the rhythm of the sea . . . and the desires of the heart are as timeless.

It is here that three women struggle to find love . . . or to save it.

Julia Lawrence. Her youthful beauty and glamorous marriage make her an object of desire and a target of envy. But Julia loves only one man, and she wishes for only one quiet dream, yet there are ancient secrets and ancient enemies who threaten to shatter it all.

Dr. Diana Shepard. The world renowned surgeon knows all about healing broken hearts. When it comes to her patients’ hearts, she is a gifted seamstress. But will she ever escape the tormenting memory of the love she could not keep and find a way to mend her own?

Casey English. The brilliant attorney has always been quite skillful at getting what she wants, inside the courtroom and out, in her charmed and successful life. Or so it seems. She alone knows that it has all been a dazzling and lonely act. And when she meets the man who can set her free, she must confront the truth of who she is . . . and who she would truly like to be.

Katherine, welcome to Romance Author Buzz.

Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be here.

Q: What can you tell readers about the wife and the author?

My husband, novelist Jack Chase, and I are both physicians turned writers. We met during our infectious diseases fellowships in Los Angeles. We both loved our years in medicine and enjoy—and can’t resist!—including medical drama and medicine in general in our books.

Our world is pretty much—and happily—ruled by the three canine girls in our life. Wendy and Molly are cocker spaniels, and Scout is a lovely and lively 1-year-old springer spaniel.

Q: What can you tell us about your writing? How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first short story at age 11. It was an assignment in school. Once I discovered writing, I was hooked. I had been telling stories to myself for years. As a little girl, I remember looking forward to bedtime to tell myself the next chapter in whatever story was floating around in my head. I still do!

Q: What is a day like in your life? Do you have a strict writing schedule?

It’s pretty free form. But being a firstborn Virgo (meaning I have two scoops of goal-orientedness) the internal monitor keeps me on track.

Q: What do you find the hardest thing about writing?

Putting on paper, and into the right words, the story that is dancing in my mind.

Q: The easiest?

The dancing story!

Q: Where do you get your ideas, inspirations from?

Everywhere! My basic beginning point, though, is to choose a character’s back story that interests me, and that defines who they are, a “what if” that happened as a child or teen. This can range from being the only child and daughter of parents who desperately only wanted a son to a never forgotten high school romance to all points beyond and in between.

Q: Do you usually outline your stories before you write them, or do you "go with the flow"?

I’ve tried the outlining (that firstborn Virgo thing), but, at least for me, what you hear authors saying about the characters taking over despite the best laid plotting really is true . . . and I try to be true to what they would authentically do - or not do.

Q: What are you reading now? Do you have any favorite authors?

I’m reading lots of books, as always, and of all genres. Every author has his or her own voice, own vision, and, for me, it’s fascinating and delightful to savor the magnificent range of stories and storytellers. It’s also great fun to read books written by people I know. If you’re writing in your authentic voice, you can’t help but reveal beliefs, emotions, wishes, and passions about yourself.

As far as favorite authors, my husband, of course. I love his books, his voice, his vision…and I’m always intrigued by new things I learn about him as I read.

Q: What makes a hero attractive to you? What hero is your favorite that you have written to date?

He’s kind, emotionally strong, and very in touch with his emotions. He knows he loves the heroine. Whether he thinks that’s a good thing—for her—or not is a different issue!

Q: What do you hope readers to take with them after reading one of your books?

I hope they feel hopeful and smiling…and that they’ve enjoyed meeting nice people who are giving life their best shot, and who are rescued by love—despite the obstacles I have thrown in their path.

Q: Do you think there is anything about you that readers would be shocked to discover?

That I was on stage, sitting beside Timothy Leary, at the Rolling Stones concert (where the Hell’s Angels had been hired to provide security) at Altemont.

Q: Are there any goals that you set for yourself when you began writing that you still have yet to obtain?

Not a goal, per se, but how much fun would it be to have a book brought to life on either a small—or silver—screen?

Q: What are some of your hopes/dreams for the future, with respect to your writing? Will you have more stories released in 2011?

My near term goal is to see that my 21 previously published enjoy revised and expanded life in their new ebook and trade paperback editions. I love doing this, revisiting the characters and adding the new things I keep discovering they would really like to say.

New stories keep dancing in my mind, as do sequels to the revisited books. We’ll see!

Q: Where can readers find you?

The best place so far (I’m still in the pretweeting days) is my website. . Ongoing updates and email newsletter signup are there

Katherine, thanks so much for stopping by Romance Author Buzz.

Thank you so much for having me. I’ve enjoyed it.
(5) copies are available for this giveaway.
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Katherine is being very generous with her giveaway.  There will  be (5) chances for commenters to win a book.  She'll be offering and picking the winners for Love Songs, Twins, Bel Air, The Carlton Club, and Roommates.  Comment on this Q and A and/or tell Katherine the name of your favorite hero,  favorite quote or favorite ice cream. 

The contest will be limited to North American residents and the books will be autographed.  Don't forget to leave your email address and thanks so much for entering.  CONTEST WAS TO END EARLIER BUT I'M EXTENDING IT THROUGH NOVEMBER 30TH BECAUSE THE AUTHOR IS BEING SO GENEROUS AS TO GIVEAWAY 5 BOOKS.


Laney4 said...

You are a new author to me, Katherine. I enjoyed checking out your web site, plus I signed up for your emails and look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for that.
Thanks also to Marilyn for sharing Katherine and her books with us. I learn so much on this blog!
As for my answer/comment, I think I'll go with Katherine's ice cream question. My absolute favourite is grape ice cream, but I find it difficult to find. Tastes like bubble gum. My second choice is bubble gum ice cream (go figure).
seytype at hotmail dot com

Margaret said...

Wonderful interview! it sounds as though the author has her own love story. I would love to read one of her books! Thank you for the giveaway ad my favorite ice cream is Coffee flavor. Yes I love coffee in general!


Na said...

I read "The Cinderella Hour" last year and fell in love with the characters. It's one of my favourite second chance stories, but also different because there was a mystery that kept me on my toes. I'm really happy to see some of her backlist being re-issued because I'll have a chance to read them.

One of my favourite hero is Cole Latimer (also a doctor!) from "Ashes in the Wind" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

Cambonified (at) yahoo (dot) com


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