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Susan Mallery – ONLY YOURS Q&A and GIVEAWAY (International)

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery has entertained millions of readers with her witty and emotional stories about women and the relationships that move them. Publisher’s Weekly calls Susan’s prose “luscious and provocative,” and Booklist says, “Novels don’t get much better than Mallery’s expert blend of emotional nuance, humor and superb storytelling.” While Susan appreciates the critical praise, she is most honored by the enthusiastic readers who write to tell her that her books made them laugh, made them cry, and made the world a happier place to live. Susan lives in Seattle with her husband and her tiny but intrepid toy poodle. She’s there for the coffee, not the weather.  Susan's website

Q: ONLY YOURS was released today,  August 30. Tell us a little bit about it.

ONLY YOURS is a Beauty and the Beast story, which is one of my favorite themes, but which I never get to write because I don’t normally do dark, tortured heroes. Simon is a brilliant surgeon whose intelligence set him apart as a child, made him seem strange to everyone around him, including to his own mother. After a fire left him with scars on half of his face, he became even more convinced that he was unlovable. All his life, he has protected his heart by burying himself in his studies, then in his work. He travels from hospital to hospital to heal their toughest cases, moving on before anyone gets too close.

Montana, on the other hand, is deeply connected to her hometown, Fool’s Gold, and to her large, boisterous family. One of the Hendrix triplets, Montana has always seen herself as the screw-up. Until now. She’s finally discovered what she was meant to do – she works with therapy dogs, and the dogs play a big role in the story, which was a lot of fun. Montana has an amazing purity of heart. She’s just what Simon needs, and he will love her with a ferocity that will complete her.

Simon and Montana are one of my favorite couples. I love these two together!

September 1st, on Facebook, Harlequin is hosting a "live" interaction with Susan.  Hope to see you there!

Q: ONLY YOURS is the fifth Fool’s Gold romance novel, and the second book of the Hendrix triplets’ trilogy. Do readers have to read the other books first?

No. Each book in the Fool’s Gold series is a standalone novel, so you won’t be confused if you start with ONLY YOURS. Of course, I hope you’ll love it so much that you’ll immediately rush out and buy the previous books. In order of publication, they are: CHASING PERFECT, ALMOST PERFECT, FINDING PERFECT, ONLY MINE, ONLY YOURS… and coming soon, ONLY HIS.

Visit Fool’s Gold online at www.foolsgoldca.com. You’ll find some amazing bonus content, including excerpts, between-the-books updates and teasers, a map of the town, a calendar of events, and some fun freebies!

Q: You said the therapy dogs play a big role in the story. Did you enjoy writing dog characters?

I loved it! Plus, the research was a lot of fun. Therapy dogs are pretty amazing. Montana and her dogs visit patients at hospitals and nursing homes. They do more than brighten the patients’ day – they improve the healing process. Montana has also started a reading program with her dogs. Kids who have a tough time learning to read can benefit from practicing by reading to a dog. The dogs are trained to behave as though they’re truly listening. Dogs are 100% love, and having that nonjudgmental audience can really take the pressure off a struggling reader and give him or her the boost of confidence they need.

One of the dogs in the book, Cece, is based on my real-life dog, Nikki. That was a lot of fun! I immortalized my dog by capturing her quirks on the page. She is a sweetheart and makes my life better.

Not every dog is therapy dog material, though. As the book starts, Montana is working with Fluffy, a mixed breed bundle of love and energy. Montana so wants Fluffy to succeed, but Fluffy has a slight problem with impulse control. I laughed myself silly while writing the opening scene of the book.

Q: What’s next for you?

ONLY HIS, Nevada Hendrix’s story, will be out on September 27. Imagine – you’re the last single triplet. Your sisters recently fell in love, and now they’re planning a double wedding. Poor Nevada feels left out, to say the least. Not only is she not in love – she doesn’t even have a date for the wedding!

Her answer to that is to put her focus on her career. As an engineer, she has always worked at the family’s construction business. She wants to test herself, so she decides to apply for a job with the developers of a luxury casino/resort that will be built outside Fool’s Gold. Unfortunately for Nevada, the leader of the project is her first, unrequited love. A rule of thumb I try to live by: avoid being interviewed by a man who’s seen you naked.

I think ONLY HIS might be the funniest book I’ve ever written, and I’m both nervous and excited to see how readers react.

Romance Author Buzz is offering one resident of the United States a $10.00 Barnes and Noble card.  To win a copy follow this blog and sign up for Susan Mallery's Membership page.  Don't forget to leave your email address so that you can be contacted.  Contest will end September 30th.


Karen C said...

Thanks for an informative interview. I'm already a member of Susan's Members Only Lounge and get her newsletters. Thanks for the giveaway.

GFC follower as k.cherub2011(at)gmail(dot)com

Lemonpink said...

I'm excited to see that Only His is going to be more of a laughter book, bot that I didn't love, love, LOVE, Only Yours, but it was a bit of a tearjerker!!

LorettaLynn said...

This looks great and i can't wait to read it:)
Im a member at Susans Mallery already!


Thank you for the giveaway:):)

Denise said...

Thanks for this wonderful interview! I so enjoyed reading Only His - the therapy dogs were so adorable along with Simon :)

ShellBelle said...

Excellent review! I have to say that Simon is my favorites Hero from all of Susan's books!!! There was just something about his intensity that drew me in, and I can see why Montana falls for him♥

I'm ready to do a re-read and spend some more time with Simon, while I bide my time waiting for Only His to come out!

LoraLeigh said...

As an avid Susan Mallery reader, Only Mine is one of my all-time favorites. Any story that includes dogs always are more interesting to me as I am a dog owner and know how they can affect your life. Looking forward to more of the Fools Gold Series!

"Cheerleader" Lora

EbethT said...

I am following your blog and became a member of Susan Mallory's site. This is my introduction to a new writer. Thank you.

Leanna said...

I love Susan Mallery, I can't wait to read Only His. I hope to pick up Only Yours this weekend. I love to read books that have dogs in them.


Tiffany said...

Next time I come to Seattle we totally need to meet!! I need to post my review as well, I am also reading Jennifer's Garden as well. Everyone should join Members Only! Great perks.. and why not follow on twitter or FB?? It's fun!!

Char...... said...

Awesome interview I am a avid fan of Susan's. She is awesome in person as well as great author. Her ONLY YOURS book is about Montana and the beloved but scarred Simon. You will need a puffs and cup of java to finish this book. Its a page turner you wont want to put down. Thanks for sharing looking forward to ONLY HIS.

Anonymous said...

I love her books, I'm already a member on her website, and I read the first series of the Fool's Gold and fell in love with the triplets so I'm glad that she's writing them each a story-Only mine was really good and can't wait to read Only Yours, I love the movie of Beauty and the Beast so I know that its gonna be a good story.At last a story about someone who isn't all that perfect but has a heart.I get her newsletter,too carolefiore@yahoo.com

bookworm54 said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of Susan's, I get her newsletter and a member. I love the first book Only Mine, so I know Only Yours is gonna be another winner. Finally a story about someone who's not perfect and can fall in love.carolefiore@yahoo.com

StaceyC4 said...

I can't get enough of Susan's interviews! I am such a fan of hers and I love reading the excitement of all of her fans! Great post!

Jenn3128 said...

Oh my goodness, I read Only Yours in one sitting and I can't wait to read it again! The chemistry between Simon & Montana blew my socks off! I kept looking up at my husband with this silly grin on my face, he kept asking me "Good book"? Hubs, you have no idea!

I haven't seen that video before...Susan forgot what comes out next?! It's so nice to see a "celebrity" be normal!

(New follower here & already follow Susan everywhere)!

(Member of the Varsity Cheer Squad)

Sori said...


follower: sori yarbrough

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this great interview! I especially liked the video at the end!

Melissa said...

Great interview!! Anything Susan equals greatness!! Hope everyone else loves this book as much as I did. Still can't pick a fav though.

EbethT said...

I left a comment earlier and forgot to leave my email address. I don't mind coming back, because the interview was really great to read. My email address is buffisan@gmail.com

Sarah Morgan said...

Such an interesting interview. Loved reading about therapy dogs - I need a Fluffy in my life!

Can't wait to read a 'tortured' Susan Mallery hero so I'll be reading this right away.

SusanMallery said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Q&A, Marilyn! I've been hearing from a lot of readers who are absolutely in love with Simon, which makes me feel great. I was a little nervous because Simon is, shall we say, crabby when we first meet him in ONLY YOURS. I'm thrilled that readers have been willing to go along for the ride and discover his amazing heart.

SusanMallery said...

Wow, this is *sooooo* fun to see all the people who are already Members at SusanMallery.com. Thank you!!!!! And Ebeth, thank you for signing up! Enjoy all the fun goodies inside the Members Only area!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by and nbest of luck today with your "live" broadcast on Harlequin's Facebook page!

I'm loving this Fools Gold series.

Heidi said...

I'm also a huge fan of the beauty and beast theme, I loved it! However, this book left me anxiously waiting for Nevada's story! I'm looking forward to wrapping up a lot of loose ends :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Live Harlequin Link!


Angela MacIntyre said...

Hi Marilyn!! GREAT interview!! Sorry I'm late commenting to your blog, but I'm glad I finally made it here. I love the Fool's Gold series!! Only Yours really touched me in so many ways. My SIL works with therapy dogs and one of my best friends is a nurse in the burn unit. I think this book is going to be my favorite! Of course, I've said that after every one of her books, so I'm really looking forward to Only His!! Susan did a fantastic job in the Harlequin video chat and oh, she looked beautiful!! Her blue eyes, WOW! I can't wait to read Nevada's story and find out what's really going on with the Mom and Max. Mmmmm..... ;)

Irish Eyez said...

Amazing interview! As an avid reader of Susan's books Only Yours is one of my favorite books!!! I love all the videos

Follower: Sarah Potts

Kate Walker said...

Thanks for a great interview - sorry to be late coming by, I had to wait till the weekend and my free 'web browsing time'! I love reading about other authors - and I would love to have been able to do research on therapy dogs - i so admire those wonderful creatures and their trainers. Good luck with Only Yours!

Anonymous said...

great interview
congrts o n the books
and great reviews
already a member
kim h

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