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Meet Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie and International Giveaway

Authors Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie Bio:

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie both hail from the Midwest. Writing partners as well as friends (perhaps even sisters in another life), both are married and each has two wonderful children. The similarities don’t stop there. Both earned degrees in English education, both have a profound weakness for Starbucks coffee, and both are completely captivated by the ethereal beauty found in the Pacific Northwest. Their individual passions for writing and storytelling, led them to create Infinite Betrayal, the first book in their Infinity Series.

Book Description:

The existence of the Coteri has remained hidden for centuries...until now.

He would protect her with his life...

Mathias has been ordered to protect Mina Roarke at all costs while keeping her Father's secrets concealed. But from the moment he sees her, the hunger he's desperately tried to bury, roars to life. The beast within is awakened and wants only one thing...Mina.

She was just looking for answers...

Mina had always been told she was special. In what way, she never fully understood until her life and everything she thought she knew and believed in was turned completely upside down. After the unexpected death of her mother, Mina finds clues about her past that trigger more questions than answers. Her quest to find those answers thrusts Mina deep into the Black Forest of Germany and into the arms of a man who tests her more ways than one.

She is wrenched from her own reality into a world filled with adrenaline-charged danger, blazing sexual heat, and the answers that have been hidden her entire life. Mina alone holds the power to change her future but when she comes face to face with ultimate betrayal, can she still trust in the one man that has captured her heart?

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie, I would like to congratulate on your latest release. Is there a behind the book story?

GD: Robyn and I had been avid readers for years devouring paranormal and erotic suspense whenever we could. One hot afternoon, we were laying by my pool and Robyn leaned over to me and said, “Ya know….we could do this.” It took me by surprise that she said it but the more I thought about it and the more we talked, I realized that we needed to try. Both Robyn and I are English majors and absolutely love writing. Luckily, our writing voices are so similar that sometimes even we can’t tell who wrote what.

Do you plot your stories or lead your characters lead you?

GD: For Infinite Betrayal, I plotted out the entire story. During the writing process, it completely re-wrote itself! I just followed the characters and tried to write the best story possible for Mathias and Mina.

RM: I work a little differently. I have the story, plot, and characters in my head first. I’ll plot out the beginning and the end but have found that I let the characters lead me with the rest.

How long have you been writing and what was your call story?

GD: I wrote tons in school but once I graduated, I stopped. Then after deciding to take on the paranormal romance field, it has been almost two years now.

RM: Like Gayle, I’ve written short stories, poems, etc. since I was young. However, only professionally now for two years.

What are you currently working on?

GD: Robyn and I take leads on our stories. I had lead on Infinite Betrayal and she has lead on Book 2, Infinite Surrender. I am currently at her mercy when she needs me for edits, story plotting, and anything else she may need. I am also finishing up the outline for Book 3, Infinite Desire.

Of all of your characters, do you have a favorite you identify with and why?

GD: Mina. Hands down. She has so many of my personality traits but I definitely curse more than she does! It takes a lot for me to trust and once I make a friend, it’s for life.

RM: Chloe, with Talon as a close second. Chloe is loyal to the core and isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. She’s willing to take risks to prove herself in a society of warrior males who only want to shelter and protect her. Yet Chloe can still be vulnerable, especially in matters of the heart, and it’s this vulnerability that really brings this character to life for me.

What is the best thing about your job as an author? What is the hardest thing?

GD: This may sound juvenile but for me, it was receiving our first book cover. That was so freakin cool and it truly made it real for me. The hardest thing is getting the edits back and realizing all of the mistakes we made!!

RM: The feedback from our readers has been the best part for me. This book has had such a positive response with readers and reviewers alike and it’s such a rewarding feeling to know that you created something that others enjoy. The hardest thing is the waiting process from finished manuscript to publishing date!

What kind of daily schedule do you have? What types of things interrupt your writing? Describe a day in the life of

GD: I have a “regular job” where I am there from 8:00 to 4:30. After that, I come home, take care of the family, get dinner, start laundry, and whatever else is calling to me. Then once the kids are in bed, I fire up the laptop. Email, promo, and website come first. After that, I can indulge in some writing. Now if I’m lead, I usually write all through the weekend either in my study or at Starbucks with my iPod. It makes deadlines extremely hard and I rarely get enough sleep but if the story is good, that’s all that matters.

RM: Basically…ditto J. Like Gayle, I have a regular job and a family. I do the majority of my writing at night after the hubby and kids have gone to sleep and do a lot on the weekends. If I was in a position to write full-time, I’d be in heaven.

If a movie was made about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you?

GD: I absolutely love Liv Tyler. I would never compare my looks to her but for some reason, whenever anyone asks me this question, she always pops into my mind.

RM: I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea.

What is something you definitely want readers to know about you?

GD: That I am a reader first. And as a reader, I want a good story. Yeah, the sex scenes are always fun to read and my husband definitely benefits from them (thank you Lora Leigh and Maya Banks) but honestly, for me, the story has to be able to stand on its own….even without the sex. The sex scenes represent really good, cream cheese icing on top. I want our readers to know that the “story” or the “cake” is important to us and if we stray from that, we need to start over.

RM: Absolutely, positively, unequivocally…ditto! This is one of the reasons Gayle and I are such good writing partners. We’re both resolute on this point, the “story” is key.

When the time comes for you to retire from writing, what would you like your readers to remember the most about you and your writing?

GD: I don’t want to retire. I want to die with my laptop and a thesaurus.

RM: I’m just now realizing my dream by being published and doing what I love so retirement is not even a thought.

What are you currently reading?

GD: Just finished up the Lori Foster Men of Honor series (loved it!) and now I’m yearning for some alpha men. I will probably re-read the Lora Leigh Nauti series and will start Game of Thrones after that.

RM: Nothing right now, too busy writing!

Gayle and Robyn, before I let you go though, is there anything I forgot to ask that you want the readers and fans to know?

GD: I want to thank all of the readers that have done reviews for us on the various websites and blogs. We were honored at some of the compliments and overall ratings given to the book. As it was our first manuscript, to have that type of response was extremely motivating!

RM: I also want to thank everyone who has supported us this throughout this journey. I would like to remind everyone to believe in your passions and follow your dreams and just like Gayle and I did, if you do that you can turn those dreams into reality.

Ladies, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me!

Where yiu can find Gayle and Robyn

Giveaway: e-copy of Infinite Betrayal.   If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Infinite Betrayal, please comment here regarding the interview or you can ask us another question that maybe we didn’t comment on. We will pick a winner at random to win a copy of Infinite Betrayal.  Don't forget to leave your email.  Contest will end August 31st.


mrsworldwidewebb said...

Ohhh it is now on my to be read pile...mountain, skyscraper..LOL It sounds interesing and I would love to win this e=book...great interview y'all..


aka Kathy

BlackwaterMama said...

This could be my friend & I. Except we can't write. Well, not write but can't come up with an idea. I'm glad to see it worked for you. The book looks really good and I've added it to my TBR mountain!!!!

jlkg102961 AT yahoo DOT com

Karen C said...

Enjoyed the interview - thank you. Great book description; really intrigued and it is now on my TBR, too.

Do you both like the same type of books and authors? Do you have a favorite book and author?

Thanks for the chance to win Infinite Betrayal!


Gayle Donnelly said...

Thank you so much ladies!! I hope you all enjoy our story.

Karen...Robyn and I adore the same books and know exactly what to look for. If I were to name ONE book that she and I worship....I would have to say Lora Leigh's Nauti Nights. Dawg MacKay is THE MAN!

Thanks to Marilyn again for the opportunity!

Kelly said...

Just stopping by to show Robyn & Gayle my love and support...

Kelly M

hdkehl said...

Mmm-mmm. Sounds delish. =)


elizabeth said...

I will say that the book is even better than the description. Could not stop reading it. Can not wait for the the series to continue.

Gayle and Robyn did a great job creating a different world for the readers to fall into.


Gayle Donnelly said...


Congrats to Black Water Mama for winning an E-copy of Infinite Betrayal! You have been sent an email with the book attached.

Please be sure to let us know what you think of our story!

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie


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