Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta Ole Winners - Romance Author Buzz

I'm frustrated because I'm trying to contact each winner and the emails keep being returned.  So as I choose the winner, I'll post it here.  Please contact me with your name, prize you've won and send me your details vioa email.  For the Amazon card, I'll need your phone #.  Thanks.  Marilyn

Jennie Lucas book - Laney4 and Linda Henderson

Robyn Grady Book - Linda Henderson

Abby Green - Amazon Card - Linda Henderson

Susan Mallery - Starbucks card - Runner4

Christina Dodd book - Modokker

Jenna Bayley-Burke - Vanette (your email is bouncing)

Mallery Chasing Perfect - Tweetybrd22 (your email bouncing)

Deliah Marvelle book - Sharon Lathan

Liz Borino EBook - no winner......contest extended through end of February

Mira Lynn Kelly book - ErinK

Linda Conrad book - contest extended until end of February

1 comment:

Vanetta said...

I just got one... I emailed you back. I hope you get it.


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