Monday, November 22, 2010

Sabbatini Brothers Trilogy - Melanie Milburne

This was posted this am on  Tote Bags 'n' Blogs.. I absolutely cannot wait for this triology!

I am pleased to introduce you to the first two books of my first ever trilogy for Harlequin Mills and Boon Presents: The Italian Sabbatini Brothers.

Book One is Scandal: Unclaimed Love Child
Book Two is: Shock: One Night Heir
Book Three is: The Wedding Charade

I am eagerly awaiting the cover for Book Three but I adore the first two new look ones from the UK.

Writing a trilogy was a wonderful experience as it gave me the opportunity to link characters between books, delve a little deeper into family issues and get to know the differences in the relationship between each of the brothers. Exploring family dynamics is a useful tool for writers. We often don’t have to look very far outside our own family to find rich sources of material!

The things I wanted to explore in the Sabbatini brothers’ family was how each strong, ruthless and powerful man approached the issue of love, commitment and being true to themselves.

In Scandal: Unclaimed Love Child Luca (the middle brother) is a man who has conquered a huge personal issue in private, only to find that the young woman he cast from his life two years ago in order to deal with that issue is now the mother of his little daughter. He has a hard task ahead of him in order to win Bronte back given how cruelly he broke off their relationship. The poignancy of Luca and Bronte’s story is that he was only trying to protect her by ending their relationship. He thought he was doing the right thing but it backfired horribly. I think that is something we can all relate to. Decisions we wished we could remake. If only!

In Book Two- Shock: One Night Heir Giorgio and Maya have a quite different battle on their hands. Whilst in the throes of a difficult separation leading to an imminent divorce they have a passionate encounter on the night of Luca and Bronte’s wedding. Fireworks truly fly! But the biggest surprise of all is that after years of trying to conceive a baby that stolen night of passion has produced a potential heir. Can Maya carry this baby to full term and give Giorgio what he most wants? Again the poignancy of this story is Maya left the marriage because she felt such a failure. She could not provide the heir the blue-blooded family (and Giorgio) wanted so much. Again, like Luca, she thought she was doing the right thing.

And then we come to the third brother Nicoli and his feisty heroine Jade Sommerville in The Wedding Charade. I would have to say that this book was one of the most enjoyable books I have written so far. I had such a strong sense of who both Nic and Jade were as they had cameo appearances in Book One and Two. Nic was determined not to be a pawn in his late grandfather’s machinations, tying him to wild child Jade Sommerville for a year in order to inherit his share of his grandfather’s estate. Jade is equally determined to get Nic to marry her. She is harbouring a shameful secret she is desperate to keep out of the press, and marrying Nic is the only way she can achieve this now her father has cut off her allowance. It’s not just fireworks in this relationship but thunder and lightning as well!
I hope you enjoy the Sabbatini Brothers Trilogy

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