Monday, April 12, 2010

Florida Authors Talk About Romance

My dear friend Rocki St. Claire recently appeared in this video and article, along with other romance authors.

Romance writers don't need your literary honors, your manly techno-thrillers or your respect.

They already generate more revenue than any other genre, please millions of readers with escapism in hard times, and are fine knowing that book covers featuring naked torsos sell quite well, thank you.

"I'm college-educated. I can read anything I want," says Roxanne St. Claire, a Satellite Beach author who's won a Rita, the romance equivalent of an Oscar, and who just turned in her 27th book for publication.

"I choose to read what is going to make me feel good, feel empowered and feel happy at the end of it, a 'romance' novel where the story is about a woman generally beating the odds, overcoming something, becoming a better person by the end of the book. And they're not a better person because they found love. They found love because they're a better person

Rest of the article here

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