Monday, November 09, 2009

Susan Mallery Random Act of Kindness Contest - She'll Donate to Your Favorite Charity

Susan has a lot to be thankful for......the past two weeks she's been #5 on the NY Times Best Seller List.  She's always having a contest and upcoming is a wonderful one which will help someone in need.  Just post your own personal Random Act of Kindress and she'll donate $250 to the charity of your choise.

Here are the details:

Dear Reader:

Too often, we get so caught up in the rush of the holiday season that, before we know it, the new year has arrived, and we forgot to enjoy any of it. We become frantic in our dash to parties and our search for gifts. This year, I wanted to offer you an oasis, a place where you could sit still, breathe, and remember what the holidays are all about.

Do a random act of kindness for someone this year and then come here to tell me about it. I’ll post your stories here. You can inspire others to create kindness of their own, and together we can make the world a better place. On November 28, the Queen of the Susan Mallery Facebook Page will select a random contributor, and I’ll donate $250 to the U.S. charity of that person’s choice. (I welcome stories of acts of kindness from all over the world, though.) When you send your story, please include the name of your charity of choice, and maybe a line or two about the good work that charity does.

Let’s do some good together!

Susan Malalery

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