Sunday, November 01, 2009

Chick lit offers fully rounded heroines for fully rounded women

In North America, I understand we're now calling ChickLit, Women's Fiction. However, I found the following article in the Guardian very interesting.

The new approach to chick lit has gained such a following in America that Mills & Boon has even given it a name – "bigger chick lit" – and has published two books in the new format: Last-Minute Proposal by Jessica Hart and His LA Cinderella by Trish Wylie.

"All women have body-image issues, no matter how slim they are," said Wylie. "The ultimate fantasy for most women today is simply accepting themselves, whatever their body weight. That's what we, as authors, are responding to." Jenny Hutton, editor of modern romance for Mills & Boon, said the new chick lit heroine was a woman with whom the reader could genuinely empathise. "Through the journey taken by this new breed of heroine, the discovery is made that it's not weight that was the issue behind her lack of self-esteem.

"This is something readers already know, but we live in a world where that lie is peddled from every direction," she said. "Readers want to hear the truth and, for once, chick lit is giving it to them."

Entire article here

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