Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The bodice-ripping Mills & Boon novel has made the leap into cyber romance"

From the London Standard:

Publishers today released an electronic book, the Sony Mills & Boon reader, loaded with novels including Snowbound: Miracle Marriage and Christmas Betrothals.

It comes with a voucher to download 10 more titles. The firm sells 10million books a year in Britain and began releasing novels electronically a year ago.

"We now sell between 10,000 and 20,000 a month," said Tim Cooper, its director of direct and digital marketing. "The response has been amazing."

From Stuff:

If you’d been thinking about buying an ereader for you mum or your nan for Christmas this year, or if you’re a hopeless romantic yourself, Sony has outed a special edition of its Sony Reader device specifically aimed at romance fans.

The Mills & Boon Reader Pocket Edition will come with three Christmas-themed lovey dovey novels from the classic romance publishers, as well as a voucher for a further 10 Mills & Boon ebook downloads of your choice.

The Reader’s shell has been given a makeover too, with a rose-pink finish and a protective case with the Mills & Boon rose logo on the cover.

Specwise you can expect the same as the regular Pocket Edition, with a five-inch electronic-paper display, with storage for 350 standard ebooks and two weeks of reading on a single charge.

You’ll be able to pick up the Mills & Boon edition from 23 November, but a price is yet to be announced – the current Pocket Edition sells for around £180.

From Pocket-Lit

The Mills & Boon Reader Pocket Edition comes pre-loaded with three eBooks - exclusive to the model - as well as a voucher for ten further Mills & Boon eBook downloads.

The "romantic rose pink finish" will get bosoms heaving while the premium case with the "iconic Mills & Boon rose logo" embossed on the cover will see hearts aflutter.

Each model comes pre-loaded with three Christmas-themed Mills & Boon titles – "Snowbound: Miracle Marriage", "Under The Boss's Mistletoe" and "Christmas Betrothals" - all of which are no doubt classics in the making.

From Suzi Perry @ The Gadget Show

Does a gadget have to be pink to appeal to the ladies?

I see that Sony has released a pink version of its excellent Sony Reader, packed with Mills & Boon titles. This is, by Sony’s own admission, to attract the female market on the run-up to Christmas.

Now, while I’m sure that there will be plenty of mums, grans and aunties who might like this gift, not all ladies a) Dress like Barbara Cartland and want their gadgets to match b) Enjoy Mills & Boon bodice-rippers.

I know I’m not alone in being a lady who likes her tech, and it doesn’t have to attract me by having a rosy hue or be encrusted in crystals – it just has to be cool and work well.

What do you think? Are pink gadgets patronising or is it a good thing to offer more choice in the marketplace?

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