Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Love Stories of 2009

Six "breathtaking romances shortlisted for Australia's premier romance award authors.....the Ruby.

Yes I know the graphic is small but I can't find it any larger and the book is amazing thanks to the generosity of author Paula Roe.


The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-slave by Miranda Lee
Adrian Palmer always had a beautiful woman in his bed and Sharni Johnson seemed perfect for his wicked brand of seduction. But Sharni was not a one-night stand kind of girl...

A Mother In A Million by Melissa James

For so long the attraction that simmered between Jennifer and Noah had been denied. Now, out of the blue, came a proposal of marriage. But was it because he loved her - or because he needed a stand-in mother for his children?

Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir by Paula Roe

Jake Vance, the charming corporate raider set his sights on Blackstone's, Australia's richest diamond dealers and Holly McLeod his assistant. Could a marriage of convenience be a win-win situation?

The Midwife's Baby by Fiona Mcarthur

When Georgia's contractions begin during a wedding ceremony, the only person who can save her and her baby is the groom Max Beresford. Together they save the life of little baby Elsa. But what will Max do now?

The Italian Boss's Mistress Of Revenge by Trish Morey

Mackenzi will do anything to save her hotel - something Dante uses to his advantage: he'll reconsider if she becomes his mistress! However, their bargain is compromised when Dante learns she is pregnant...

The Single Dad's Patchwork Family by Claire Baxter

As single parents, Regan and Chase form a special bond because for so long their lives have been like jigsaws without the final pieces. Could a proposal from this gorgeous single dad make them whole again?

You can purchase the book here

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Paula Roe said...

You're quite welcome, Marilyn :-) Glad to know you enjoyed the book! If you need a bigger graphic, you can copy the one over on my website.


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