Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nora Roberts' Harlequin publishers report rising sales despite recession

Harlequin relies heavily on the enduring popularity of Nora Roberts' novels in increasing its sales, a fact that is not included in the Time article. Since 1997 Harlequin has regularly issued omnibus reprint editions of the novels Roberts originally wrote for Silhouette Romances, a company Harlequin acquired in 1984. Although Roberts ceased writing new titles for Harlequin in 2002, the company has continued to reissue her early works in its Harlequin Special Releases series.

Harlequin has scheduled three more omnibus reprints to appear during the remainder of 2009. Windfall, to be released September 29, will contain Roberts' 1989 novella "Impulse" and the 1987 novel Temptation. Western Skies, containing Song of the West (1982) and Boundary Lines (1985), will follow on October 27. November 24 will see the release of Worth the Risk, Harlequin's reissue of Partners (1985) and The Art of Deception (1986).

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Anonymous said...

I have an article bookmarked on the desktop somewhere (I think) which discussed the fact that while publishing in general saw losses in the wake of the recession, the e-publishing industry was growing. I think that's mainly because romance and erotica so dominate that medium. And it makes sense for people to want a little escape from the gloom with a lovely little HEA. Let's hope that when things look up, they will remember the cheer-up value of romance books!


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