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The You 2.0 blog

The You 2.0 blog is about becoming everything you’re meant to be. It’s about pursuing your dreams, changing your world, showing gratitude, and paying it forward. Here’s a chance for our Booklovers to share what You 2.0 means to them.

The blog was mentioned today by Malle from Harlequin concerning a YA editor. It's just another example of the interesting blogs on the internet which relate to books, writing and/or authors.

Here's the blog

Passions of a modern woman – Brenda Novak

Brenda is such a lovely woman, I remember attending a Seattle Eastside RWA Chapter meeting where Brenda spoke and I knew then and there somehow we would be connected. We are, through the romance genre and her Jr. Diabetes Auction which takes place every May.

Here’s a lovely article.

Penny Jordan Stops By UK Guest House

Mills and Boon author pops into a guest house near Knutsford

She explained how she got into the business. She said she never thought she’d be a writer.

“As a child, she said she spent a lot of time alone with her thoughts and telling stories so the seeds of it were there from a young age.”

Here’s the article.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Website for Women over 40

While watching an afternoon cooking show, I saw a cast of pretty impressive women, one especially caught my attention was Joni Evans.

Joni Evans’ 35-plus year career in publishing includes serving as President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster, and Publisher at Random House. Most recently she was Senior VP of the William Morris Agency’s literary department, where she repped such bestselling authors as Marcus Buckingham, Ann Coulter, Fannie Flagg, Quincy Jones, Mary Wells Lawrence, Peggy Noonan, Martin Garbus, James Patterson, Liz Smith and John Stossel. In her dynamic career she has brought over 100 books to the bestseller list. Joni is a member of the Young President’s Organization, the Women’s Forum and a founding member of both the Committee of 200 and Women’s Media Group.

The women on the site: Candice Bergen, Joan Juliet Buck, Joan Ganz Cooney
Joni Evans, Whoopi Goldberg, Judith Martin, Peggy Noonan, Sheila Nevins, Julia Reed,
Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl, Marlo Thomas. Lily Tomlin, Mary Wells, Jane Wagner and Cynthia McFadden

I encourage you to check it out here

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The iconic artwork of Mills and Boon

Happy Sunday everyone! I saw this and I've got to tell you, I laughed and thought how far romance book covers have come.

The 100 year-old brand,sells over 200 million books every year, one every three seconds in the UK. In the past 50 years alone, Mills & Boon characters have shared 10,325 weddings, 29,500 kisses and 35,250 embraces.

Article here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mills and Boon in scrum for licensing prize

Personally I've read the entire International Billionaire series and loved it. Some of my most favorite Mills and Boon authors participated and I'm going to be sorry when it ends.

Harlequin Mills and Boon will be going up against Bob the Builder and Wallace and Gromit for a prize in the Licensing Awards. The romance publisher has been announced as one of the final five in the category for Best Licensed Written, Listening or Learning Award.
Here''s the article

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Not sissy books – Robyn Carr

"I absolutely am not one of the tortured writers. I’m having a good time, and if I wasn’t I’d do something else. I don’t like to suffer. Depression doesn’t work for me—I think I could have a good time at a car wreck.”

It’s the place where I feel most comfortable and most confident—when I’m sitting in front of the computer, creating a story. I have a 10-year-old car with only 50,000 miles on it. Does that tell you something?”

Las Vegas Weekly article

In slow economy, sex sells for Tampa romance authors

In slow economy, sex sells for Tampa romance authors

Now Available in North America - 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance

Product Description from Amazon:

If you want to write romance and be a professional writer then this book is a must for you. Following on from the success of the first edition of this book, which won a major award, this guide explains what is meant by romance and takes you through the process of writing emotion and conflict. The author explains how dialogue should be natural between your heroine and her hero and she explains the difference between sensuality and passion. With an expanded text and more true insider-secrets this is a must for all writers of romance, whether professional or amateur.In this book you will learn: how to write emotion and create PTQ (page turning quality); why dialogue is the lifeblood of your novel; and, the importance of 'after' and why the intense black moment in romance is so important. The book will appeal to: all students taking courses to improve their creative writing skills; post 16-Level students and first-year undergraduates on creative writing and creative studies degrees; adult education centres including WEA; teachers, tutors and lecturers; school libraries, reference and public libraries; and, University and college central libraries. It is ideal for undergraduates. The related titles in the series include: "Writing TV Scripts"; "Writing Historical Fiction"; "Starting to Write" and "Writing Crime".

Purchased from Amazon

Southern Heat Contest! The RWA-East Texas Chapter proudly hosts its annual contest to see if your writing has that special SPARK that will FIRE-UP editors and agents.

That’s right, an editor AND an agent will be judging each category this year, and we make every effort to provide two published authors as first round judges. What a fantastic use of your contest dollars!

Here are the details and the deadline is September 1st.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Decorated New York City Fire Lieutenant writes a fiery romance book

Firefighter Brody spent much his first year on the FDNY shuffling from mandatory twenty-four hour shifts in the firehouse to funerals of his fallen brothers – sometimes two a day. In late 2002 a year had passed and Firefighter Brody decided to write again. To relieve some of the stress of the previous year he decided to write something light-hearted and fun. When a “Shakira,” music video came on the television in the firehouse he got the idea for his first book entitled “RESCUING MADISON.”

In RESCUING MADISON, a young, New York City firefighter and a gorgeous, Midwestern Pop Star test the possibility of an impossible relationship. There’s romance, drama, action and plenty of laughs for teens and young adults. Terry has written several award winning screenplays. Rescuing Madison is based on his most popular ne. .

For more on the book, here's what's posted on Amazon:

A terrific story packed with Drama, Romance and belly laughs. No teenager should be caught in the halls of they're school without this book. --The Bellport Bugle

A terrific story packed with Drama, Romance and belly laughs. No teenager should be caught in the halls of they're school without this book. --The Bellport Bugle

Intense drama, passionate romance and surprisingly funny! If you're not reading this book, you're probably not cool. --The Patchogue Trumpet

Some of the most realisticly vivd characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. Superb dialogue that captivates from cover to cover. Read it in Detention. --The Staten Island Voice

Some of the most realisticly vivd characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. Superb dialogue that captivates from cover to cover. Read it in Detention. --The Staten Island Voice

Product Description
A New York City Firefighter and a beautiful all-American Pop Star test the possibility of an impossible relationship. Madison Park is at the height of her career when she decides she wants the one thing she doesn't have - True love. When a handsome firefighter saves her life it leads to a fiery romance. But her on-again, off-again boyfriend (and fellow Pop Star) isn't ready to let her go. But does he really care for Madison or is he just trying to revive his stalled career.

About the Author
Terry Brody, resides in Patchogue, New York. He is a New York City fire lieutenant working in Queens. He has written several screenplays. Rescuing Madison is his first book and is based on the screenplay of the same name. He wrote the produced short film, Beer Chocolate or You which can be viewed online. He is currently adapting his award winning horror/thriller screenplay Adrian of Death to a book.

Personally, I think this is wonderful to see a man writing for the genre and I wish him all the best with Rescuring Madison.

Harlequin Art Exhibit - Celebrating 60 years

Art Exhibit

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Celebrate the Category

Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are offering a contest with the details being as follows:

Celebrate the Category

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

August Contest

For a chance to win debut author Lynn Raye Harris debut Harlequin Presents, answer the following question.

Before being a millionaire, what was Alejandro's profession?

Answer can be found here.


Lynn Raye Harris Bio:

Lynn Raye Harris read her first Harlequin Mills & Boon romance when her grandmother carted home a box from a yard sale. She didn’t know she wanted to be a writer then, but she definitely knew she wanted to marry a sheikh or a prince and live the glamorous life she read about in the pages. Instead, she married a military man and moved around the world. She’s been inside the Kremlin, hiked up a Korean mountain, floated on a gondola in Venice and stood inside volcanoes at opposite ends of the world.

These days Lynn lives in North Alabama with her handsome husband and two crazy cats. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, shop for antiques, cook gourmet meals and try new wines. She is also an avowed shoeaholic and thinks there’s nothing better than a new pair of high heels.

Lynn was a finalist in the 2008 Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest, and she is the winner of the Harlequin Presents Instant Seduction contest. She loves a hot hero, a heroine with attitude and a happy ending. Writing passionate stories for Harlequin is a dream come true.


I would like to congratulate you on your debut book Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge. Can you tell us about the book?

Lynn Raye: Hi, Marilyn, and thank you for having me on Romance Author Buzz! I’m excited to be here and share my story with everyone. Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge is about what happens when a passionate romance goes wrong.
My heroine, Rebecca Layton, was once completely in love with Alejandro de Ramirez. But all was not as it seemed and Rebecca fled when Alejandro betrayed her. Alejandro blames Rebecca for a series of events in his life that led to a tragedy he can never get over. The best way to punish her, he believes, is to take away everything she holds dear. But Alejandro doesn’t count on the very real, and still very hot, attraction they have for each other. When these two get together, it’s only a matter of time before they go up in flames.

Do you plot your stories or let your characters lead you?

Lynn Raye: I definitely let the characters lead me! Typically, I have two people and a situation when I start. I never know where the characters will take me. For me, that’s part of the fun! I’m never bored and I almost always end up surprised.

How long have you been writing and what was your call story?

Lynn Raye: Oh gee, how long have I been writing? Well, if you count the short stories I wrote about horses when I was in 3rd grade, it’s forever. I’ve written romance on and off for years, though I finally got serious five years ago.

My call story is a bit different because I first won the Harlequin Presents Instant Seduction contest. Though I didn’t get a contract with that win, I got an editor for a year. And that call truly felt like the first sale call.

The day the editors announced on the I Heart Presents blog that they’d found a winner, I truly didn’t expect it would be me. I thought I’d written a good entry, and I hoped to get a request for more. But at 6PM, I realized I’d missed a call on my cell phone -- and the country code was from the UK. Took me another fifteen minutes of searching to find out the number belonged to HMB.

Since it was midnight in the UK, there was no hope of another call until the next day. I had a LOT of trouble sleeping, believe me. By noon, I’d given up and figured it had to be a mistake. A few minutes before one, my new editor called to tell me I was the winner. I felt like I’d won the lottery!

The actual call to buy my book came almost six months later. It was every bit as exciting as the first, though not nearly as shocking.

What are you currently working on?

Lynn Raye: I’m in the very beginning stages of a new book. So far, there is a priceless jewel, a family rivalry, and a heroine who wants revenge. Beyond that, I don’t know much! And every bit of what I just said could change by the time the book is done.

What is the best thing about your job as an author? What is the hardest thing?

Lynn Raye: The best thing about being an author is the freedom I have to create stories I would want to read (while working in my pajamas!). I hope that when a reader plunks down her hard-earned money on one of my stories that she isn’t disappointed. I really want to give readers that same escape I always find in the pages of Harlequin Presents novels. When I get an email or letter telling me how much someone enjoyed my story, it just makes my whole day.

The hardest thing about being an author is the temptation to surf the Internet when I should be working.

What kind of daily schedule do you have? What types of things interrupt your writing? Describe a day in the life of Lynn Raye.

Lynn Raye: I try to treat writing like a job, so I get up in the morning and go upstairs to my office. Of course I do this in my pajamas! I drink coffee, read email, check Twitter and blogs, etc. Then I open the current document and try to start typing. Sometimes it takes a while, other times the words flow. When my hubby comes home in the evening, I spend time with him. If I’m on a tight deadline, I go back to work after dinner. Otherwise, we watch television or read -- or, in summer, we go to the pool.

Writing interruptions seem to come in myriad forms! I have two cats who never seem to understand that I’m in the middle of a scene. My family is good about not calling while I’m working, but that doesn’t stop the various organizations who want money. I don’t answer, but the disruption of the ringer is annoying.

What suggestions would you have for beginning writers as far as "breaking into the business”?

Lynn Raye: I always say the same thing when I’m asked this question. But the truth is this: never give up. It’s both that simple and that hard. You have to educate yourself about the business (Romance Writers of America – RWA – is good for this if you are a romance writer), you have to read and write a lot, and you have to have faith in yourself. I didn’t always have that faith, but when I finally found my voice, I knew I’d be published if only I didn’t quit.

What is something you definitely want readers to know about you?

Lynn Raye: I am passionate about what I’m writing! I want to entertain my readers. I am so honored and humbled to know that people will pick up my books with the hope they’ll be swept into another world. I want to do that for them. Each and every time, I want to give them their money’s worth. When I sit down to write, I put my heart into it. I hope it shows.

What are you currently reading?

Lynn Raye: I am reading all the Harlequin Presents authors out this month with me, of course!

Who are your favorite authors?

Lynn Raye: I can’t name them all simply because we’d run out of space, so I’ll just have to say that I love all the traditional Harlequin Presents authors. They each tell such marvelous stories, and I find myself quite caught up each month. I have all sorts of favorites, really. There are so many talented writers working in romance these days. But I can’t name them because I’d accidentally leave someone off the list and then I’d feel bad!

What kind of research do you do for your books?

Lynn Raye: I’ve traveled around the world, so I often have impressions of places that stick with me. When I know I want to set a book somewhere, I dig into any maps and photos I may have collected. I also read travelogues and guidebooks, and I’ll search Google for photos of a place.

As for the characters, it depends. In Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge, Alejandro is an ex-bullfighter. I didn’t research bullfighting in depth, but I do have a copy of Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon, which is all about bullfighting in Spain. I looked at photos of toreros, and I remembered the pride of my tour guide in Spain as she explained the tradition. She was able to impart the honor of the fight in such a way that I understood why it was important. I have personal reservations about bullfighting, but I understand the culture of it.

With this book, I also have to acknowledge a debt to a most wonderful person. Madeline Smyth is a corporate attorney who came to my aid when I needed to figure out how Alejandro could have possibly taken Rebecca’s company away from her. Madeline explained corporate mergers in detail. It was quite fascinating! Naturally, any errors I’ve made are my fault, not hers.

As for the other two books I’ve turned in, I set them both in Mediterranean kingdoms I made up. They were loads of fun to write!

Before I let you go, is there anything I forgot to ask that you want the readers and fans to know?

Lynn Raye: I would simply like them to know that I’d love to hear from them! Please visit me at my website, send me an email, or leave comments on my blog. I’d love to know what they think of my stories.

Lynn Raye, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me!

Lynn Raye: Marilyn, it is such a pleasure to be here! I’m honored you asked me to be your guest.

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July Winner

Katrina, you are the winner and I've sent you an email for your details. To all who posted, thanks so much.

What's New for Susan Mallery?

Welcome, Romance Lovers! NYT Best Selling Romance Author Susan Mallery Is Here Today!

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The above a great article but what I loved most is that
Susan's working on a new series, the details as follows:

What’s next for Susan Mallery?

Have I mentioned that I love what I do? I’m working on a super-fun new series set in Fool’s Gold, California, a fabulously quaint town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Think tree-lined streets, historic homes, wineries, and a picturesque lake. The series will launch in May 2010 with FAKING PERFECT. Or so I hope. Actually the book will be out in May, but I’ve just heard Marketing wants us to rethink the title.

This is something new for me. Rather than writing a series with a specific beginning and end, I’m creating Fool’s Gold to be ongoing. So far, I’ve got five books planned, and who knows where we’ll go from there. Each book will be a standalone story, so readers don’t have to worry about reading them in order, but because the books share a setting, readers will have the opportunity to check back in with characters they’ve come to love.

Susan's Website

On August 7th, Susan will also be on Blog Talk Radio, here are the details.


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