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Kindle Book Sales will now be ranked

Beginning with Thursday's edition, USA Today's weekly list of best-selling books will take into account Kindle book sales in the overall rankings.

USA Today article.

RWA Veritas Award - Ron Charles

RWA's Veritas Award may be given annually for the article that appears in print or in another medium that best depicts the romance genre in a positive light.

2009 RWA Veritas Award Recipient
Ron Charles
Washington Post, "Heating Up the Stacks"

This appeared in The Washington Post, a very intertesting article, Romance Novels Still Fighting for Respect

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When an author gets a bad review

Recently I attended a Seattle book bloggers function in which reviewers, a publishing rep and an author were present and we discussed how we review books, should one be honest or not, and about being sensitive to the author and the book. There was NOT a person in the room who I felt would ever be so critical as to hurt or be cruel in writing their review. However, recently I realized that's not always the case as I feel there are some out there who actually enjoy going off on an author!

Today on two highly respected blogs, I was appalled how the reviewer trashed a New York Times Best-selling author and on several other blogs and Amazon how utterly cruel the reviews were for a debut author and a highly respected contemporary romance author. These comments were posted on July releases.

In light of the recent RWA Convention in Washington DC, these same bloggers smoozed it up with these same authors and publishing houses and return home to write such critical and cruel comments……amazing. I just don't get it!

So here are some articles and tips for those of you who might receive a bad review and I hope it helps.

Reviewers are entitled to their opinions and that’s the name of the game in publishing. I hope my readers understand that I didn’t mean to hurt anyone and I’m truly sorry if I did.

Alice Hoffman has been critized for recent post on Twitter here

On Murder she Writes, the phrase the author doesn't deliver, blog post

How to Respond to Bad Reviews gives one some advise if you're so inclided, post


There may be times when you need to stick up for yourself. If someone leaves comments that are untrue and damage your character or brand, go to the Web site to find out if you can have those comments removed. Before you pursue, ask other writers what they think of the comments first, or consult your publicist.

As Gena Showalter once said in a blog post, on Romancing the Blog

“Ouch! Books are products, authors aren’t. We may wish otherwise, but feelings do become involved. And let’s be honest, some comments are so bad they can make us:

1. 1) cry
2. 2) depressed
3. 3) want to give up and never write again
4. 4) all of the above

We can’t give up, though. Writing is in our blood, it’s what we love. So here are four ways to try and beat the bad review blues:”

Gena's post

When Book Reviews Go Bad, article

"Negative reviews and how to cope nobody likes a critic, particularly an author who is on the receiving end of a negative and very public judgment. While some authors can shrug off a poor review with ease, other authors feel as judged as the book itself."

For a little humour, I'm Sorry You Feel That Way, at The Worst Review Ever!

If you’re an author (or an actor, musician, or any other kind of artist really) and your work has been publicly ridiculed or met with some other form of extreme criticism…email me ( the worst review you can find along with your answers to the following questions*:
1. When and where did this review appear?
2. How did you happen upon the review?
3. How did you feel immediately after seeing the review?
4. Did you do anything in response to the review?
5. If you did something in response, how do you feel about said reaction in retrospect?
6. What other steps did you take in an effort to assuage your pain?
7. How long did it take you to get over the pain and humiliation of the review (assuming you got over it)?
8. What, if anything, positive came from receiving your WORST…REVIEW…EVER?
9. Anything you’d like to add?
* NOTE: If filling out the full questionnaire is adding insult to injury, just send me the damning review with any additional comments you want to appear with it.

I closing, if you’re a debut author, a published author, hopefully there are more of us out there who are responsible and respectful of your work and appreciate the time and effort you put into your writing...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing the Arcane Museum - Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne's inviting all to view her new museum, stop by the take the tour.

There's also a video here

Jayne's website

A Love Affair With The Romance Novel

Temperatures are soaring in Washington, D.C., and the intense summer sun isn't the sole cause. The city is playing host to the Romance Writers of America Conference and NPR's Scott Simon paid a visit, to find out why romance is one of the hottest selling genres in the book industry.

Go to article and listen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trish Wylie and Not Going to Nationals

Trish is an amazing author, mentor to aspring authors and one of the founders of The Pink Heart Society She's not able to attend the Washington DC Romance Writers of America Conference so she has taken it upon herself to generously post on her blog all sorts inspiring posts for writers and readers. Please join me in thanking Trish for her labor lf love.

And the winners are.........drum roll!

2009 RITA® and Golden Heart® Award Winners
Romance Writers of America congratulates the following winners of the 2009 RITA and Golden Heart Awards.

2009 RITA Winner for Best Contemporary Series Romance
A Mother's Wish
by Karen Templeton
Harlequin Enterprises,
Silhouette Special Edition
Gail Chasan, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure
Danger Signals
by Kathleen Creighton
Harlequin Enterprises,
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Gail Chasan, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Young Adult Romance
Hell Week
by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Random House Group, Delacorte Press
Krista Marino, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Historical Romance
The Edge of Impropriety
by Pam Rosenthal
Penguin Group USA, Signet Eclipse
Laura Cifelli, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Regency Historical Romance
My Lord and Spymaster
by Joanna Bourne
Penguin Group USA, Berkley Sensation
Wendy McCurdy, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Inspirational Romance
Finding Stefanie
by Susan May Warren
Tyndale House Publishers
Karen Watson, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Romance Novella
"The Fall of Rogue Gerard"
by Stephanie Laurens in It Happened One Night
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books
Lucia Macro, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Paranormal Romance
Seducing Mr. Darcy
by Gwyn Cready
Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books
Megan McKeever, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
by Nora Roberts
Penguin Group USA, Putnam
Leslie Gelbman, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Romantic Suspense
Take No Prisoners
by Cindy Gerard
Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books
Maggie Crawford, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best First Book
Oh. My. Gods.
by Tera Lynn Childs
Penguin Group USA, Dutton
Sarah Shumway, editor

2009 RITA Winner for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance
Not Another Bad Date
by Rachel Gibson
HarperCollins, Avon Books
Lucia Macro, editor

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Contemporary Romance Series Manuscript
Second Chance for a Family
by Kim Law

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Contemporary Romance Series: Suspense/Adventure Manuscript
Romance or Retribution
by Jamie Michele

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Young Adult Manuscript
Stage Fright
by Shoshana Dawn Brown

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Historical Romance Manuscript
Butterfly Swords
by Jeannie Lin

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Regency Historical Romance Manuscript
An Inconvenient Marriage
by Sara Ramsey

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Inspirational Manuscript
Kitty's Fire
by Kelly Ann Riley

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Paranormal Romance Manuscript
First Grave on the Right
by Darynda Jones

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements Manuscript
Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure
by Diane O'Brien Kelly

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best Romantic Suspense Manuscript
Only Fear
by Anne Marie Becker

2009 Golden Heart Winner for
Best ContemporarySingle Title Manuscript
Easy Money
by Vivi Andrews

When Romance Writers Gather, The Plot Quickens

No matter. The utterly unpretentious members of Romance Writers of America have no illusions regarding how you feel about what they do. They have gathered together to perfect their craft anyway, even if it's in a genre you swear, swear, swear you never read. The Washington Post

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tell Harlequin, Sandra Marton and The Royal House of Karedes Series

Tell Harlequin and Sandra Marton have teamed up with facts, interview, series family tree as a kick off for the first issue in the series, Sandra's Julyh Release Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress.

Tell Harlequin/Sandra Marton

Nora Roberts Visits The Washington Post

Nora Roberts along with other romance authors, bloggers and publishers are in Washington DC this week for the 2009 Romance Writers of America Conference. Here is an interview and video with Nora and The Washington Post.



Jennifer Greene to receive 2009 Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2008 the Romance Writers of America (RWA) changed the name of its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award to the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, testifying to the high regard Roberts’ colleagues have for her. This year the RWA will present this award to Jennifer Greene on July 18, 2009 during the organization's annual conference. Congratulations Jennifer!

Details here

Book Promotion for first time authors

Here is an article I recently saw on a book blog, Book Exposure.


Have you always dreamed of writing for Mills & Boon Modern Romance?

Have you always dreamed of writing for Mills & Boon Modern Romance?
Do you feel you have a passionate story to tell, with characters that leap off the page, and emotional conflicts, drama and excitement that will keep the reader turning the pages? Then we have the perfect competition for you! Here are the details.

Harlequin takes aim at teen readers with new imprint

Congratulations to Harlequin and it's new teen impring.....details here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Nominate your favorite book blog, it fun and hoping to see you during the week.


Announcing the Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week September 14-18, 2009

Last year over 400 blogs came together to celebrate the art of book blogging during the first ever Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I am so pleased to announce that the second annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week will be taking place September 14-18.
WHO Anyone who blogs about books is invited to participate. In fact, we want everyone who blogs about books and reading to be a part of this week!

WHAT A week where we come together, celebrate the contribution and hard work of book bloggers in promoting a culture of literacy, connecting readers to books and authors, and recogonizing the best among us with the Second Annual BBAW Awards. There will be special guest posts, daily blogging themes, and giveaways.
WHEN September 14-18, 2009

WHERE Here at the new Book Blogger Appreciation Week Blog! (Please note that this year there are three separate blogs and feeds—one for the main event, one for giveaways, and one for awards.)

WHY Because books matter. In a world full of options, the people talking about books pour hard work, time, energy, and money into creating a community around the written word. I, Amy, the founder of Book Blogger Appreciation Week love this community of bloggers and want to shower my appreciation on you!

Please help us spread the word about Book Blogger Appreciation Week by posting about it on your blog, stumbling this post, twittering about it, and telling everyone you know that it’s time to have a party and celebrate book bloggers!
Please register by filling out the registration form! Registering ensures your inclusion in the BBAW 09 Database of Book Bloggers and enters you into the drawing for the BBAW 09 Grand Prize!

Come back often as there will be many updates! And follow us on Twitter!

BBAW Award Nominations will open tomorrow, July 15 on the BBAW Awards Blog.

RWA Conference Article - Romancing the Academy

Conference article, I so wish I could have attended.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chance to Win The Royal House of Karedes Series

Stop over to Harlequin and play Beach Blanket Bingo for a chance to in Harlequin Presents The Royal House of Karedes series.

Romance novels may be laughed at, but it's not just online sales that are rising

Researchers have discovered that what most women really want in a book is sex. More than 2,000 women aged between 45 and 60 were asked what books they liked and why. The overwhelming majority said they were "keen" on raunchy scenes. Half said they found sex in books "titillating", and many admitted to actively choosing books which promised lots of sex
Rest of the article here.

Heart to Heart Goes Live Tomorrow!

Here Michelle Buonfiglio will be keeping those of us who can't attend the RWA Conference in DC abreast of conference events.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Author Chat Day on Twitter

Now this might be fun, a chat day with authors. This was posted on Facebook and came to me in an email:

Dear Friends:

Kim Castillo (Organizational and Internet Guru to many best selling romance authors) and I are planning a really amazing day on Twitter for romance fans - a special day where you can chat with your favourite romance authors.

Taking our cue from the wonderful #askagent chat days on twitter we’re going to be running a chat day with lots and lots of terrific romance writers!




Wednesday Aug. 5th
Start time: when the clock strikes midnight on Aug. 5th
End time: when the clock strikes midnight on Thurs. Aug. 6th.

THE PLACE: Twitter


It's easy. All you have to do is sign up to Twitter and get familiar with it before the day. Should take no time at all!

Every question/query you make you must include the exact phrase #askromancewriter so it can be tracked and searched by everyone participating. That means so we can follow along with what everyone is chatting about! The # sign signals a hashtag which is a way for us to search out topics on twitter.

And guess what – the more people involved the better. We might even become a “trending topic” on twitter. If you don’t know what that means now you will - ‘cause it’s very cool! Trending topics sometimes break out into the mainstream news media as news stories.

So between now and Aug. 5th – we’re encouraging you to join twitter – set up your account and get familiar with twitter.

It’s a nice complement to facebook and a great way to connect with fellow writers and fans.

You can even download an application (I think it’s on facebook) that will automatically update your facebook status from twitter. So they work well hand in hand.

If you’re a fan you can ask your favourite author a question simply by typing @theirnamehere

And of course everything has to be under 140 characters (that’s a challenge for us!) but you can continue in a follow up question (I do that all the time! - no shame in that – as long as we keep using the hashtag moniker #askromancewriter – which counts as characters BTW).

This is twitter so u can use abbreviations/numbers whatever it takes to get it all in!

Here’s an example:

@EloisaJames Luv Desperate Duchesses! R u going 2 write about DD kids in future books? I.e. Jem & Harriet’s daughter #askromancewriter


@Lisa Kleypas How long did it take u 2 hit NYT best seller list? Advice on how 2 get there? #askromancewriter

If you’re an aspiring writer you can ask any question you’d like of a specific author by doing the above. If you're an emerging author you can get advice from the seasoned pros. Romance writers are also fans - so feel free to ask those questions about fave characters/books etc...

Or feel free to ask general questions and include #askromancewriter and one or more authors will answer. (I do that on #askagent days and I get many wonderful and informative answers to my queries).

But remember - because it’s a chat the rest of us want to be able to read the Qs and As as well so you must include the hashtag #askromancewriter in your Question or Comment so the rest of us can search and read the comments on twitter.

If you sign up now and try it out with other topics you’ll see what I mean – One of the biggest trending topics lately is sadly Michael Jackson or MJ so if you type in those words under SEARCH then you’ll see what all the comments are that people have been making regarding Michael Jackson.

As you get to know twitter you can do other cool things like post pictures (twitpics) and articles (using short urls)

Many of you access twitter through other applications such as tweetdeck and you can use that too for the chat as long as you continue to use the #askromancewriter hashtag.


We thought it would be a great idea to create a way for fans to be able to connect with as many of their favourite authors all at once (and not have to get out of your PJs **G**) just like a fan convention but this one will be online. It will also help foster the wonderful positive spirit in the romance community - between writers and their fans.

We’re signing up authors who'll be participating in #askromancewriter day on twitter: If you’re an author – make sure you’re on this list! :D You can e-mail either Kim or myself if you want to take part. We'll e-mail a list of authors closer to the date just so you'll know who is taking part.

Oh, and when you join twitter – you're welcome to follow Kim and myself and we’ll follow you – it’s a wonderful thing!;;

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at

Joanna D’Angelo
Kim Castillo

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Not going to Nationals in DC?

Keep up on the latest news at Blogging Nationals.

Also Michelle at Romance(Buy)The Book will be starting a new blog from DC on July 15th called Heart to Heart and will also be sharing DC news.

If you're planning on blogging you might want to add your blog to the list.

Writing Competition

Details at I(heart)presents

Romance Novels and Women Who Read Them

When I read articles like this, quite frankly I get angry and I'm hoping those of you who create these wonderful books respond. Here's the link to the article

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July Contest

I'm offering Sandra Marton's first book in The Royal House of Karedes series, Billionaire Prince, Pregnant Mistress. All you have to do is tell me the occupation of Maria Santos. The answer can be found on Sandra's Website.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Proud to be an American!

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Guest Author, Monica Martinez

Welcome guest author Monica Martinez, author of Tantalizing Erotic Thoughts and Encounters.

Q: Which of your stories is your favorite and why?
A: It is hard to say which one is my favorite because I enjoyed writing about them all.

Q: Are any of these stories based on your experiences?
A: Well I’m not one to kiss and tell. It’s possible but as you know sometimes fiction is based on experiences you either lived or experience through someone else.

Q: When will Tantalizing Erotic Thoughts and Encounters available to purchase?
A: They can go on my site or grab it from

Q: If a fan has a great idea for a book, will you read it or write it?
A: I definitely would embrace the idea. It must be very sexy LOL.

Q: What are your long-term plans for writing?
A: I plan to continue writing fiction. Writing has become a part of my daily life and I never run out of ideas or exciting topics.

Q: How do we find out more about you and your books?
A: You can visit my website it will give you the latest information on me as far as book signings and events I’ll be attending. The site will also take you on a journey of Blogs. I’m currently blogging once a month providing readers an insight to my book. The can leave comments and contact me directly through the site.

Monica's website

Amazon review from Lady T:

This is an erotic read with some spice. Enjoyed it to the fullest, rised my temperture immediately. Would recommend this to anyone with a snag in their love life or just to get some pointers on how to improve it. Great for a couple, as well. Looking forward to see what other work this author has coming in the future.

How Nora Roberts Became America’s Most Popular Novelist.

According to Collins, romance novels, which are generally written by and for women, focus on emotion, and emotions can be easily dismissed. Furthermore, critics sometimes forget that romantic fiction is a genre, and its writers are bound by the conventions of that genre. These critics confuse following such conventions with a lack of imagination. Collins also provides a brief discussion of romantic fiction from Samuel Richardson’s 1740 novel, Pamela, to the present day.

Rest of article appears here.


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