Monday, June 22, 2009

Romance authors call for change in their national organization

As I'm only a blogger who shares author buzz and writes book reviews I'm not sure I understand this topic. However, over the weekend there was a lot of posting on Twitter and even a Yahoo Group has been set up concerning Epub. Here is an article the Examiner has posted.

galley Cat post post

Just after reading the above, the Examiner has another article which gives one more insite into the debate. You can read it here.

Publisher Weekly on Epub

"RWA Drama, Take 3,456,112" From I Read their take on the publishing issue.

Dear Authors Post on Digital Publishing - Here is a June 19th post concerning the very controversial subject hitting the internet

From Susan Saville’s Caffeinated Natter Blog her blog post “RWA Disrespects ePubs Yet Again” details

RWA President Pershing Responds ESPAN. Here is the Diane’s response to the controversary

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