Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amazon Launches Author Stores

Amazon Launches Author Stores

by Craig Morgan Teicher -- Publishers Weekly, 12/30/2008 9:34:00 AM

Amazon has added a new way of finding books to its site, which the company is calling Author Stores, single pages that feature all books from a particular author, plus, in many cases, an author photo and some related content, such as a biography, message board and streaming video.

When the feature launched on December 29, Amazon went live with 2,500 Author Stores featuring many popular authors, such as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and James Patterson. Customers access the stores through the normal search box—when a shopper searches for an author who has a store, a link appears at the top of the search results next to Amazon’s Author Store logo.

According to Amazon publicity manager Andrew Herdener, Author Stores represent “ somewhat of a watershed moment for our store in that, up until this point, it's always been organized around individual items. Author Stores adds a whole new dimension to the way the store is organized (around authors) and one that is both good for customers and for authors.” Herdener added that it is clear from the way customers shop on Amazon--using search terms--that the new Authors Stores will be something shoppers will like. Apple uses a similar feature in its iTunes store for popular artists.

Herdener also said that it’s Amazon’s long-term goal to eventually have an Author Store for every author whose books are available through Amazon.

From Amazon's Author Store:

Author Stores FAQ

Question: What are Amazon Author Stores?
Answer: Amazon Author Stores (beta) are new corners of our bookstore dedicated to offering customers a new way to browse and shop favorite authors, discover new books, and more. Today each Author Store includes a bibliography, and can include a biography, author photo, and discussion board. But stay tuned--we'll be adding more features in the months to come.

Question: How do I locate an Amazon Author Store?
Answer: Please view our Author Stores Directory for an A-Z lineup of featured authors.

Question: Why doesn't my favorite author have an Amazon Author Store?
Answer: A select number of Amazon Author Stores will be viewable during our beta launch. We currently have thousands of Amazon Author Stores now and will be adding many more in the months to come.

Question: I am an author and want to update my Amazon Author Store (e.g. add a new photo, update my biography, add a title to my bibliography). How do I do that?
Answer: Please use Author Central to alert us to any issues with your Author Store. If you are not an author, please use our general feedback form to request these changes.

Question: What if I'm an author who doesn't have an Amazon Author Store?
Answer: Please submit your e-mail address via our Author Stores Sign-up form if you are interested in receiving updates on our progress launching even more Amazon Author Stores.

Question: What can I do if I see an error on an Amazon Author Store?
Answer: Please use our Author Stores Feedback form to alert us to any Author Store issues or suggestions on how to improve these pages.

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