Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Writer's Touch Winners

Short/Long Contemporary
Winner: Linda Conrad, Shadow Whispers

2nd Place: Holly Jacobs, The House on Briar Hill Road
2nd Place: Linda Warren, Once a Cowboy
3rd Place: Geri Krotow, A Rendezvous to Remember

Winner: Lacey Alexander, Voyeur

2nd Place: Karen Kelley, Double Dating With the Dead
2nd Place: Sharon Page, Blood Red
3rd Place: Elizabeth Amber, Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr

Romantic Suspense
Winner: Brenda Novak, Dead Giveaway

2nd Place: Brenda Novak, Dead Right
3rd Place: Valerie Hansen, Shadow of Turning

Contemporary Single Title
Winner: Lori Wilde, There Goes the Bride

2nd Place: Susan Mallery, Tempting
3rd Place: Anna Jeffery, Sweet Return

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
Winner: Marlo Schalesky, Veil of Fire

2nd Place: Kathy Steffen, First, There is a River
2nd Place: Karen White, Learning to Breathe
3rd Place: Claire Cross, All or Nothing

Winner: Candice Hern, Lady be Bad

2nd Place: Victoria Alexander, What a Lady Wants
2nd Place: Victoria Alexander, A Little Bit Wicked
3rd Place: Kathryn Albright, The Angel and the Outlaw

Winner: Nikki Arana, As I Have Loved You

2nd Place: Valerie Hansen, A Treasure of the Heart
3rd Place: Lynn Cote, Dangerous Secrets
3rd Place: Shirley Jump, Back to Mr. & Mrs.
3rd Place: Mae Nunn, Mom in the Middle

Winner: C.L. Wilson, Lord of the Fading Land

2nd Place: Lori Devoti, Unbound
3rd Place: Patti O'Shea, In the Midnight Hour

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