Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three New Australian Authors with Debut Books

My darling Australian author friend, Annie West has asked me to post the following contest:

It's a New Aussie Author Contest because September is such a fantastic month for new Aussie romance writers.

the September debut novel by Christine Wells

An earl of debauchery - Sebastian Laidley, the sixth Earl of Carleton, is solely committed to his hedonistic lifestyle, until he makes a promise to his dying godfather. He must find his childhood friend Gemma a husband in three months - or marry her himself.

A lady of dubious virtue - The daughter of a notorious seductress, Gemma Maitland has the body of a siren but a mind for more practical matters. Snubbed by Society, she has just one ambition: to run her grandfather's estate.

A passion that begs to be unleashed... To find Gemma a husband, Sebastian lures her to his estate under the guise of helping with his sister's wedding. During the festivities, there is no shortage of men vying for Gemma's hand, much to Sebastian's dismay. Gemma has always been in his heart, but when she turns her wiles on him, she burns her way into his soul...

the September debut novel by Paula Roe

A tragic accident had erased pieces of billionaire Finn Sørensen's memory. Including all recollection of his wife. But what wife?

The one he'd been told had married him for his money? The one who now owned a controlling share of his family's jewelry empire?

Ally McKnight's image was burned into Finn's memory from photographs -- pictures that captured the passion between them. It was time she received a surprise visit from her long-lost husband. The one who wouldn't let her forget just what she owed him.

the September debut novel by Robyn Grady

Promoted - into the boss' bed!

Working in Sydney's most dynamic advertising agency, Serena Stevens is in heaven! And she's just landed the agency's biggest account - this will make or break her career... Serena's sexy boss, Australia's top tycoon David Miles, may be all business in the boardroom, but soon he's loosening his tie...and he wants a little business in the bedroom! One wild night later, Serena knows it's too late for regrets. And now Serena has to choose - career versus love...her dream job versus her hot boss! What's a girl to do...?

For The Sheikh's Pleasure
Annie West’s September release (after all I'm still a new author!)

Rosalie Winters is a challenge. Beautiful and aloof, she doesn't play the games of flirtation and seduction that Sheikh Arik Kareem Ben Hassan expects from women. She intrigues him with her lack of sophistication and guile.

Arik realises he must move slowly to gain her trust. But he also knows that once she's at his command Rosalie will welcome the loving that only he can give her.

The contest will run through September and October, winners drawn on 31 October and published on this website. To win, send me an email ( with the word 'contest' in the heading and answer these simple questions:

• What is the title of Robyn Grady's next release? (You'll find the answer on her

• What is the title of Paula Roe's 2008 release for Silhouette Desire? (You'll find the answer on her

• What is the title of one of my 2008 releases? (You'll find the answer on my page )

• What major writing competition did Christine Wells' story Scandal's Daughter win? (You'll find the answer on her website

Easy as pie! Good luck! Annie West

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