Saturday, July 21, 2007

2007 RWA Conference as seen by author Trish Wylie

I invite you to pop over to the Pink Heart Society and see Harlequin author Trish Wylie's diary and others inputs on the 2007 RWA Conference held in Dallas. It's extremely informative and entertaining. Bravo Trish!

The photo is from Harlequin author Sandra Marton's website and here's what she says about the photo.

We had the party in my room. (That's me, on the far right. Jennie Lucas is next to me.) You see, the hotel's (tiny) Italian restaurant was packed and we were in no mood to wait, so we ordered in pizza. Some of us (I'm posting no names but that's Fiona Harper and Melissa McClone and Trish Wylie on the left) went for wine and glasses; Olivia Gates, in the center of the photo, brought baklava all the way from Egypt.

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