Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vicki Lewis Thompson - New Website, etc.

Vicki Lewis Thompson has a new website and besides her wonderful "Nerd" and Harlequin books, she's now writing Romantic Paranormal Comedy! I invite you to check out her news and new site.

October 2007.........How fun will this series be to read?

MAY 2007

Lynn's parents would join forces to save her--Lynn was sure of it. But from whom? Her best friend Tony Russo was more GQ than Hell's Angels. But that was before the "transformation". Suddenly steady, reliable Tony had turned into a sexy, irresistible bad boy. Trouble was, Lynn kept forgetting Tony's kisses were just part of the act.

Lynn stared at the rippling dragon tattoo. "Tony, are you telling me that you used to be--""The guy your mother warned you about? Yup."

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