Monday, March 05, 2007

Susan Mallery and Marcelli Sister Series


Susan's Marcelli Princess comes out this month and it looks like it's going to be a great story. I began reading the series years ago, loved, loved it. I loved the fact that is was set in California, in wine country with this incredible Italian family full of some much love but also secrets. Mia is the youngest sibling and has lots of spunk. Series, The Marcelli Bride, The Sparkling One, The Sassy One and The Seductive One!

Susan is having a great contest on her site and I encourage you to take a look. Also a wonderful trailer on the book. It's located at She also has a fun poll and I won't tell you which one I checked, I think you would be shocked!


The Marcelli Princess is an excellent ending to the Marcelli Family series. Fans of Susan Mallery, particularly her Marcelli’s, are bound not to be disappointed. The story is very well developed and flows smoothly. Nothing feels off kilter. The characters themselves are developed to a very high standard.

The Marcelli Princess is bound to bring a huge smile to your face, and it won’t be very far in before you find yourself gripped by the story. There is some sex and it is detailed, but it is all traditional and isn’t a dominant part of the book. Susan Mallery’s The Marcelli Princess is gripping, engaging and a joy to read!

Reviewed by: Elizabeth

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