Sunday, November 19, 2006

SANDRA MARTON - Pink Heart Society Interview

Excellent interview with Sandra Marton on THE PINK HEART SOCIETY. What I can't wait for is quote:

The final book in the trilogy I mentioned earlier. It’s about three good friends: Nicolo Barbieri, Damian Aristedes and Lucas Reyes. The men are all royals, all pure Alpha. They’re rich, powerful, sexy and, yes, gorgeous. They’re also quite human, as my heroes always are, meaning each has a good heart, a sense of humor, and they’ve all had to fight their way to where they are now. Not a one is ready for love or marriage or, heaven forbid, fatherhood, but that’s what Fate (and I) have in store for them. SM

Sandra's also blogging at

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Anonymous said...

I was a lucky reader for Nicolo's fall, so I know Damien's and Lucas's will be full of emotion when they find the right woman. Sandra works magic for mismatched couples who realize they need the other to be complete. Her excerpts on her website are a must to read.
keep writing.
wakat. ;)


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