Sunday, September 24, 2006


DEADLINE DIARIES 5 Authors Tell it All

Tell All? Not yet, we have a mission, a mission to help Kate win the American Tite or at least vote and be fair! No, don't shake your head, the last title I had so many email asking me to vote.....what can I say. However, kate's book is really, really good so at least read her entries and vote fairly.

Authors who contribute on the Deadline Blog:

Christie Ridgway
Kate Carlisle
Maureen Child
Christine Rimmer
Susan Mallery

Just found this blog this a.m. when going to Susan Mallery's website. I love her books, especially her Buchanan series.


Susan Mallery said...

Deadline diaries is fun!! We have a "nearly" published writer with us, who has a fabulous perspective on writing, reading and the world in general. Sexy men who are also wet, or at least damp, every Saturday and virtual coffee.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Thanks Susan. I've enjoyed your posts as well as the other authors on this site.


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